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Born + raised in Nunspeet, the Netherlands but has spent the past 10 years in Amsterdam. Tobias is a “go-getter”, a necessity for our team. He’s the “fuel man” who helps us continue to move forward to get where we want to be. It’s a gift to have him!

☕   pour over in the morning

why ?

“I want to open a cafe to build community in Amsterdam. My heart is to reach Amsterdammers, hear their stories, and get to know them.”


Born and raised in Modesto, California. She’s a new member of the team but feels like she’s been with us since the beginning! <3 She’s a free spirit who always carries good vibes with her. You wanna be in the room when she’s around.

☕   flat white is her go to always

why ?

"She wants to have a cafe to combat loneliness, in a world where we are so disconnected. She loves the thought of coming together over a cuppa and enjoying relationships with people over quality coffee."


Born and raised in the good ol' south of the united states — cleveland, tennessee. Sierra is after justice being met in the coffee industry. Her dream is to one day have our own roastery and work alongside coffee farmers.

☕   Ethiopian light roast v60

why ?

"I want to open a café to create a space for people to breathe full breaths of life. A space for people to drink coffee slowly, and to be met by the full story of a cup of coffee + in that see Jesus!"


Born and raised in the south of France in a city called Avignon. He’s a man after high quality coffee. He works to improve the taste of coffee by experimenting new methods and inviting people into the process.

☕   Light roast, fruity notes is his jam. v60 if he wants to taste all the flavors + flat whites if he wants a bit more of a comforting taste!

why ?

“I wanna open a café to bring all types of people groups together, have good chats with them, and enjoy a unique brew.”


Born and raised in the Netherlands in a small town of south Holland called Giessen-Oudekerk. She’s a mom of two and lives a lifestyle of hospitality. She’s a walking home wherever she is. She allows people to be free and kick their feet up on the couch— We believe it’s something beautiful she brings to our café.

☕   at home—pour over + in a café—flat white

why ?

"bringing people together! She desires to have a space where people can feel noticed and loved. she desires to have a space where people can meet Jesus through friendship. the art of coffee brings people together and that’s her heart."


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